Great Music with an Irish Kick!

Hailing from parts of New Jersey both far and wide, the Snakes are  
 a traveling band of musicians who happily play their tunes wherever
 lovers of good music can be found. If whiskey and ale can also be much the better. 

 Combining traditional instruments such as banjo, accordion and
 mandolin, with a foundation of guitar, bass and drums, the Snakes
 perform faithful renditions of classic folk songs. In addition, they
 put their own unique stamp on some driving rock tunes.

 From the Dubliners to the Pogues...from the Clancy Brothers to the
 Clash, good times and good tunes are had by all!  


"All the sudsy glory you'd expect from a great bar band!"
- Irish voice

"One of the MOST POPULAR Irish Bands in NJ!"